Gopal Shivakoti is a documentary filmmaker and a film festival director. He has been working in films and digital media since 2004. He has shot and edited “In Search of the Searchman” – a short documentary about the 8 million (plus) graffiti “Khoja/Search” that has been written and inscribed all over Nepal, “When Shall I See My Daddy” – a short documentary about 14 years old boy whose father has gone to the USA and hasn’t returned to his home and family for ages. “Save Gangamaya” a documentary film about Satyagrahi Gangamaya Adhikari – who is on fast-unto-death for the attainment of justice for the 2004 murder of her innocent teenager son. “War Crime”, “Pinky Gurung”, “We are with Dr. KC”, “Gai Jatra”, “Chain and Worship”, “Bicycle Hero” and "Bare Tree" are his recent films.


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