When Shall I See My Daddy
Featuring: Bikash Mainali, Bishwo Raj Mainali, Sushmita Mainali and Dirgha Raj Mainali
Duration: 37min
Year of production: 2010

The child is Bikash whose father is in USA, living, and working since long. Sometimes the father sends photographs and he also makes regular phone calls back home, Nepal.
To show him, at home the family records and sends family video. They have been sending the family video to the USA since past 3 years. This is the situation, and in it the main character of this film 14 years Bikash reviews the old family video and analysing and comparing all the things of then and now he narrates you how they have become, how much have his home, family, and environment changed in 3 years and what he doesn’t know about his father. He introduces you to his modern Hindu family and shows you children’s life, lifestyle, culture and many interesting and strange things in it and shares you his one very personal story.


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