In Search of the Searchman
Featuring: Bhim Bahadur Thapa
Duration: 17min
Year of production: 2009

The place is Kathmandu of Nepal, where a youth who had come out of the city sees countless ‘KHOJA’ (SEARCH) words graffiti and inscriptions on the road, walls, footpaths etc.
This makes him very much concern and curious. Feels the word is much significant, weighty and meaningful, unique and unheard of. So, he comes out to film this, searching the people behind this and the meaning and the purpose of the ‘KHOJA’. Inquiring many peoples and getting different opinion and views, he finally reaches an 88 years old “KHOJABA”, who has written more than 8 million’KHOJA’ words during his 30 years’ campaign. A few days the youth indulges in the ‘KHOJA’ and at the end, he becomes highly influenced, getting his concern, curiosity, and quest answered, the youth goes out to his way, his own usual work and life.
The ‘KHOJABBA’ keeps on writing ‘KHOJA’
He is still writing.

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