Gopal Shivakoti is a documentary filmmaker from Nepal. He has been working in films and digital media since 2004. Primarily he is a visual editor who also does 2D animation, motion-graphics, and filming. He is a key resource person at “Young-Cuts! the filmmaking workshop” (in Kathmandu) for the past five years. His hobbies include Ethnology and documentary filming. He has shot and edited “In Search of the Searchman” – a short documentary about the 8 million (plus) graffiti “Khoja/Search” that has been written and inscribed all over Nepal, “When Shall I See My Daddy” – a short documentary about 14 years old boy whose father has gone to the USA and hasn’t returned to his home and family for ages. “Save Gangamaya” a documentary film about Satyagrahi Gangamaya Adhikari – who is on fast-unto-death for the attainment of justice for the 2004 murder of her innocent teenager son is his first feature-length documentary, It received an overwhelming response in the international film festival circuit. “War Crime”, “Pinky Gurung” and “We are with Dr. KC” are his recent documentaries.

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